Circus Artist


Director - Designer - Choreographer


Art etymology: ”skill as a result of learning or practice…”

Art modern definition: “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination…”

At the source and by definition, I am an art lover. No matter the field, technique or culture, I have a profound admiration for artists that pursue mastery.

As a designer, choreographer and director, I seek the essence which fuels all art forms. It is through understanding what is fundamentally essential to them that I am able to infuse, admix and hybridize them together in order to create original work.



The beatles "Love" show image
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The Beatles Love - Cirque du Soleil

One Night for One Drop
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One Night for One Drop


Gumboots documentary image
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"Gumboots" Through the eyes of Michael Moloi

Pantsula Documentary image
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"Pantsula" Through the eyes of Michael Moloi

Other Projects

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"Spirits" Inner selves awakened